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is the world’s leading manufacturer of analogue and digital audio consoles and provider of creative tools for music, broadcast, live and post production professionals.
With more than 3000 SSL-equipped studios and facilities operational today, the excellence of SSL consoles is universally recognised for unrivalled sonic quality, superb ergonomics, outstanding automation and an international support infrastructure second to none.
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1,390.00 €

SSL X-Desk

2,998.80 €
SKU: X-Desk

SSL Sigma Delta

4,678.80 €
SKU: Sigma Delta

SSL Nucleus 2

5,098.80 €
SKU: Nucleus 2

SSL Alpha Channel

1,198.80 €
SKU: Alpha Channel

SSL Alpha VHD Pre

1,654.80 €
SKU: Alpha VHD Pre

SSL G-Comp

3,934.80 €
SKU: G-Comp


2,158.80 €

SSL Native Essentials Bundle

414.00 €
SKU: Native Essentials Bundle

SSL Native Studio Bundle

966.00 €
SKU: Native Studio Bundle

SSL Native Complete Bundle

1,174.80 €
SKU: Native Complete Bundle

SSL Xrack Chassis

1,198.80 €
SKU: Xrack Chassis

SSL XRack Mic Pre' Module

910.80 €
SKU: XRack Mic Pre' Module

SSL XRack EQ Module

910.80 €
SKU: XRack EQ Module

SSL XRack Dynamics Module

910.80 €
SKU: XRack Dynamics Module

SSL XRack Stereo EQ Module

1,258.80 €
SKU: XRack Stereo EQ Module

SSL XRack VHD Input module and LMC

958.80 €
SKU: XRack VHD/LMC Input module

SSL XRack E Series EQ Module

910.80 €
SKU: XRack E Series EQ Module

SSL XRack E Series Dynamics Module

910.80 €
SKU: XRack E-Dynamics Module

SSL XRack Stereo G Compressor module

2,278.80 €
SKU: XRack Stereo G Comp module

SSL XRack Blank Panel

54.00 €
SKU: XRack Blank Panel

SSL 500-Series VHD preamp

598.80 €
SKU: 500-Series VHD preamp

SSL 500-Series LMC+

598.80 €
SKU: 500-Series LMC+

SSL 500-Series E EQ Module

910.80 €
SKU: 500-Series E EQ Module

SSL 500-Series E Dynamics Module

910.80 €
SKU: 500-Series E Dynamics Module

SSL 500-Series Bus Compressor MKII

2,278.80 €
SKU: 500-Series Bus Comp MKII

SSL Delta Link Madi OptiCoax

598.80 €
SKU: Delta Link Madi OptiCoax